The training is semi-private and is not open to the general public and admittance is usually  by referral. However, if you’ve done your research on the FMA, like what you’ve heard and feel you have the qualities to be a dedicated practitioner, then please register your interest from the contacts page and I will get back to you.
This website
is the only De Campo 1-2-3  website that has the approval and blessing of GM Manuel Caballero. It is dedicated to promoting the art in an informative fashion without prejudice or politics to any other martial art, organizations or individuals.

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De Campo 1-2-3 Original

is a form of Filipino martial art. It was created by the late Grandmaster Jose Diaz Caballero. Many Filipino Martial Arts use the stick as a translation from a blade. However, this is not the case with De Campo 1-2-3, the style has been wholly adapted to be executed with a stick, and the majority of its techniques are based on fighting with a single stick.

GM Manuel Lebumfacil Caballero

Manuel 'Mawe' Lebumfacil Caballero was born on April 23, 1953 in Ozamiz  City, Mindanao. He is currently residing in Toledo City and works as a bodyguard for the Mayor. His father GM Jose D. Caballero started giving him Eskrima lessons at the age of 9.  More -->

GM Jose Diaz Caballero

GM Jose D. Caballero was born on August 7 1907 in Toledo City, Cebu   Province. In his prime GM Jose Caballero was the Juego Todo champion of his era. The old warrior died on August 24 1987.  More -->
Juego Todo   More -->